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We Do Not Price Match - We Try To Beat Any Price!

We Do Not Price Match - We Try To Beat Any Price!

It's a piece of marketing we dislike, when someone says "find it cheaper and we'll refund you the difference"

What they are really saying is:-

  • We'll try to make you think our prices are cheap by saying this
  • We can now price higher, safe in the knowledge that the worst than can happen is that we'll have to reduce our price to that of our competitors.

In reality it's protection for the seller - how many people actually check the price after they've bought something? - The time to do it is before!

We try to price our products competitively by putting in the work for you to bring you the best deals. We may miss the odd price so here’s what we do….

If you find the same product cheaper on another site, before you buy, send us the details of the best price you have found and we will email you back, as soon as we can, if we can BEAT it. If we do, we will then send you a discount code effective for 48 hours. The larger the order, the better the chance we have of beating any other prices. If we don’t sell that particular product, we’ll try and beat it with an equivalent.

No promises, No guarantees, No conditions – except we’ll try our best.

And if we can’t beat the price - we’ll tell you - so you can be confident either way you have got a good deal.

We will need to know:

  • a) Product Name(s)
  • b) Colour(s)
  • c) Size(s)
  • d) Quantities
  • e) Options selected
  • f) Any Delivery Charges

You can do this in 2 ways – email us the URL of the website and the above details, or better still a screenshot of the shopping basket.

The address to use is

Try Us - what have you got to lose?

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